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AirPulse Smart Helmet connected smartphone Function(Dash Cam + Handsfree)

It is a smart helmet that combines the Bluetooth handsfree function and the Dash Cam function that securely stores HD video in a stylish Full Face bike helmet. It has video playback and SNS upload function and special feature called Driving route that allows you to search and view the recorded Video with GPS information on the map


The sophisticated smart helmet is designed to receive/end the calls and WiFi/Bluetooth conversions via buttons on both sides, and display the battery capacity and wifi/Bluetooth mode with the LED light source around the button, so you can feel smart.


We have pursued the utmost convenience with a smart helmet equipped with advanced functions such as high-class camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speaker and microphone.


HD x 30 Frame BlackBox for BIKE

The HD camera uses a 1/3-inch sensor provides a clear view and the camera attached to the jaw is in position to ensure the most perfect recording scene with a registered patent from eCell Electronics.

- Bluetooth 4.0 Standard , 2.4Ghz
- HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP profile
- Handsfree (Call pickup)
- Audio navigation
- Built-in microphone and speaker
REC start
1) Short push button (power on status) → REC on (with “Voice msg”)
2) Short push button (REC on status) → REC off (with “Voice msg”)

Automatically REC off
1. Very low Battery
2. uSD CARD free capacity < 5%
Various communication functions

Wi-Fi enables you to view recorded video on a helmet camera in real time on a smart phone. And Bluetooth makes it easy to receive calls from smartphones.

- Bluetooth 4.0 Standard , 2.4Ghz
- HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP profile
- Hands-Free (Call receive/end)
- Music Play
- nternal Mic. And Speakers
- IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1T1R
- Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Switchable (not simultaneous)
- Video File transfer (to mobile phone)
- Driving route check
- Real-time view
- FOTA (Firmware On The Air)
- Settings
- Mobile App. Support
- Android 4.1(Jelly Bean), iOS 7.0 and up.
Easy UI / UX for Motorcycle Riders

We designed the UI / UX by arranging the buttons next to each side of the helmets that riders can adjust most easily.

Smart Battery. System (Low Power Design & SW)

We designed low power circuit design for long battery life and provided power cord enables battery charge while driving.

Power On/Off
1) Short push button
→ Power on (with “Voice msg”) → LED on
- Bluetooth mode (Default) → RIGHT LED (Battery) on
2) Long (5 seconds) push button
→ Power off (with “Voice msg”)

The helmet certify safety grade of the domestic and the overseas

Safe helmet certification
- KCL / KCC / SAR - Korea

Mobile App

Motorcycle Rider-optimized mobile app

Driving Route show recorded video with GPS on the Map

The mobile app makes it easy to find recorded video on the map using GPS data.

Map service with GPS Data
- GPS Module SW Firmware
- MAP integrated SW APP
Integrated Map & Video service
linked recorded video service on the map with GPS data
- Easily select and view saved images on the map
1) Mode Change (If Bluetooth mode)
→ Push the Right button
(In Wi-Fi mode : Right LED - Red)
* Can not use Bluetooth function in
Wi-Fi mode
2) 2. Using mobile application.
→ Execute 'Ply' mobile App.
Download Mobile Application
1. Searching Ply’ in Google play store & IOS App Store
1. System SETTING
- Volume control
- uSD Card Format
- Emergency On /Off
2. Live View
- When Air pulse in REC mode, User can real time view.
3. VOD
- Recording file Index by calendar
- MP4 Video file download to Mobile Phone
- JPEG snap shot file download to Mobile Phone
4. Driving Route
- Calendar View → Driving List choice → GPS Data download
- WiFi to Moile Network change →Display on the MAP with event image
- Image Click & download
5. Driving Routing by Phone
- Select Saved DR File in mobile Phone
6. Album + Share SNS


Items Key Specifications Remarks
Model name Air Pulse KIT
Storage capacity Micro SDHC 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB - Recommend MLC Class 10
Recording Recording mode 30 frames per Sec. - Recoding minutely
- Recoding Button
Codec Video : H.264 - MPEG4
Resolution / Bit Rate 1280 x 720 / 6Mbps (Max.)
Display information(OSD) Date/Time/Speed/GPS
Streaming & Download Preview & VOD Preview : MJPEG / VOD : MPEG4 - Through Wi-Fi
Camera Method and technique Sensor only for HD, 1/3" CMOS
Angle(diagonal) 120 °
GPS Support Route Software - Built In type
Battery Operate Time [Record+GPS] Operate Time [Record+WiFi+GPS] - Built In type
- Capacity 2,700mAh
- Supply DC 5V
3Hr 2Hr
Charging Time Quick Charge [Power Off] Normal Charge [With Operate] - Support to charging by Micro USB 5Pin
2Hr 4Hr
Operation /Storage temp Operation temp. -20℃ ~ 80 ℃ Wi-Fi Communication guarantee
temperature -10~60'C
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n
Mobile APP Communicate through IOS / Android eCELL's Mobile APP